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There are currently 5 status levels available to Invisalign Practices. These levels are recognised based on the number of Invisalign treatments carried out during the previous calendar year.

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Invisalign pin 30773e888869cf1a2e9c4b2c5894c7c27cc0f848affc167510fd57e92848a1ad Invisalign Provider
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Tio 5c5ba075c1ea6029dfc655e64dec3f202f2a524818cccbe283665878d2e7cbb7 Invisible Orthodontist Group members are a group of specialist orthodontists and experienced Invisalign practices, committed to using aesthetic techniques to treat a broad range of orthodontic issues.

NB: A practice status is upgraded as soon as they meet the minimum requirements for that level during the current calendar year.

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