Invisalign Treatment

How does
Invisalign treatment

Invisalign is the most advanced clear aligner system in the world. Using the most innovative teeth straightening technology, we've re-shaped over 4 million smiles.

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Advantages of Invisalign

Teeth straightening shouldn't get in the way of your busy lifestyle. Learn how Invisalign treatment works to effectively straighten your teeth while still letting you do the things you love.

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01Better oral health

Invisalign aligners are removable,
so it's easier to clean your teeth and maintain your oral health during treatment.
Unlike traditional braces, there are no metal brackets and wires getting in the way of flossing and brushing.

02Smile with confidence

Many patients start to see improvements in their smile within just a few months. Unlike metal braces, most people won't know you're going through orthodontic treatment when you're wearing Invisalign clear aligners because they are virtually invisible!

03Freedom to celebrate

Got a special occasion coming up? No problem, just take your aligners out for the event and pop them back in when you're done.

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Invisalign Treatment Process

The smile you want in
3 simple steps

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Invisalign treatment has been clinically proven to effectively treat a variety of cases. From mild overbites to severe overcrowding. Take our free assessment to find out where your teeth fit in.

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When the teeth
are rotated.

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Uneven gumline

When teeth are
within the gumline.

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crooked teeth

Sometimes caused
when wisdom teeth
push the teeth
closer together.

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When there are too
many teeth to fit
the jaw causing

Underbite 386d0a6f7f2c05c514923df25e9887622218135ccdcf48bff02c5a60bf34fffe

Under bite

The lower teeth
protrude in front of
the upper teeth.

Overbite 3e58cad53083ba83e242c72311094a82ab6efef5ac056dbeabc265ded4407242

Over bite

The overlapping of
the lower teeth by
the upper.

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When there is too
much space or gaps
between teeth.

Crossbite b278d187faf00d1460d179bc38a3729a2bc2a32d6e14ef3a9d0c14e5ee0118fc

Cross bite

When a tooth in the
lower arch is positioned
to the outside of the
upper teeth.

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